I wrote the soundtrack and made the sound design for the game Sprinkle, by Mediocre. Available for iOS and Android devices.


This was the first game soundtrack I did for Mediocre Games. Dennis emailed me in January of 2011, telling me that he was a fan of my old band Dr Higgins, and that he and his friend Henrik had recently started developing a game, and were looking for music and sound design. I started sending sketches and writing stuff pretty much straight away, and after a couple of weeks or so I found a sound that we all liked. On release, the game had three worlds, and for the updates the level music almost wrote itself, cause the style of the music had become so defined.

The acoustic version of the theme features Dennis on double bass and accordion, with me playing guitar, kalimba, casio synthesizer and kalimba. The Arcade version was made for a flash game that Henrik did.