Sprinkle Junior

I wrote the soundtrack and made the sound design for the game Sprinkle Junior, by Mediocre Games. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Mediocre Games released Sprinkle Junior a couple of months after the original Sprinkle game, and the idea for the music was too keep the allover feeling of Sprinkle, but to make it a bit warmer and smoother. The Junior version of the Sprinkle Theme is my favorite of all the ones (probably 10-15) i have made. The alternative Level Music was based on the idea of trying to make something inspired by the children’s music that swedish guitarist Jojje Wadenius did in the seventies, but it ended up being way to intense to use as in game music. Still, it’s quite a nice little gem of a retro sounding kids song that I gladly include as a bonus track here.