I wrote the soundtrack to the web series Control, by FanFest. Created and directed by Nick Floyd.

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Nick Floyd at Fanfest contacted me after hearing the PinOut soundtrack and asked if wanted to write some music for their upcoming web tv series, Control. I really liked Nick’s ideas and references and was very intrigued by the script.

Nick gave me a playlist of reference music, but refused to let me hear his temp score, which I’m truly grateful for! So in that way, I could soak up the general vibes and moods and sounds he was looking for, and then write whatever I felt suited each scene. And also decide which scenes that needed music and which ones didn’t. To begin with I had the reference music on in the background while I was doing paperwork and packing PinOut vinyls for a day or two. And then I started writing the music without going back and listening to the references again.

To begin with I got a rough cut of the opening titles and wrote some music for that, which fortunately hit home straight away. And from then on it was pretty smooth sailing, but with very helpful feedback from Nick in a few cases where I had perhaps missed some kind of tension in a certain scene, or where he wanted specific moments accentuated musically.

I proposed the idea of having a vocal track somewhere in the series, partly because I thought it would fit the show, and partly because I really wanted to work with Susanna Lundgren (who sang on PinOut) again… Susanna had written a song a while back that I did a new arrangement for, and she recorded new vocals for it. Nick and the team really liked the song and we let it finish the soundtrack.