I’m Douglas Holmquist, a composer/sound designer residing in Malmö, Sweden. I’ve worked a lot with setting sound to moving images. In the beginning of my career mostly for commercials, but lately more and more for video games. Most notably with Malmö developers Mediocre. I’ve also written music for documentaries, information films, a web TV series and lots of other things.

I love working with other people. Creating something from nothing together with somebody. I’ve found out that my creativity thrives when I have to constrain myself to a certain set of boundaries, so making music for video games, films etc. is a great place to be in for me.

Interviews about my music:

Bandcamp Daily

Level With Emily Reese

The Austranadian Synth Alliance Podcast

Äntligen Spelmusik (in Swedish)

(Podcasts also available through iTunes)

I’m also a part of the creative studio Varelsen / www.varelsen.com

Feel free to drop me a line through the contact form below.

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Disclaimer: I do not claim copyright to any of the images used in my portfolio. Credit where credit is due.

Instruments and portrait photography by Martin Ottosson.