Something Beneath music video


Something Beneath – Douglas Holmquist featuring Susanna Lundgren

Co-directed by Jonas Haig, Susanna Lundgren and Douglas Holmquist
Editing and VFX: Jonas Haig
Photography: Susanna Lundgren
Assistants: Caroline Blom, Caroline Flatöe, Sara Lindgren, Anette Torstensson
Game editor footage: Emil Bengtsson
Game engine footage: Dennis Gustafsson
Thanks to: Lena Lindegarth, Martin Ottosson, Kristofer Ström

Music from the game PinOut by Mediocre
Soundtrack available at:
iTunes/Apple Music:…
Google Play:…



PinOut by Mediocre. Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Music, lyrics and sound design by Douglas Holmquist. Vocals by Susanna Lundgren.

Soundtrack available on Bandcamp, Spotify iTunesGoogle PlayTidal.



Midvinter by Talecore Studios.

Available on Steam and

Music by Douglas Holmquist. Soundtrack available at Bandcamp.


Dirac by Mediocre. Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Music and sound design by Douglas Holmquist.

Soundtrack available on Bandcamp, iTunesGoogle Play, Tidal.

Does not Commute music production


To read about the production of the music for Does not Commute, visit my bandcamp page or read this post on Gamasutra.




Does not Commute


Does not Commute by Mediocre. Available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Music and sound design by Douglas Holmquist.

Soundtrack available on bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify.

Forum för Levande Historia – Human Rights in two minutes

Production: Varelsen

Sound design: Douglas Holmquist

Tre Företag

Director / Animation / illustration / Art Director: Kristofer Ström
Animation: Martin Nyberg
Producer: Niklas Adolfsson – Hobby Animation
Music: Douglas Holmquist
Agency: ingostockholm
Client: Tre


Animation: Martin Ottosson

Music: Douglas Holmquist and Kristofer Ström

Sound design: Douglas Holmquist

Producer: Nils Byrfors

Agency: Hello Group